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The Manhattan Miniature Camera Club

If you’d like to

  • improve your photography skills,

  • connect with a wide range of photo enthusiasts

  • engage a forum where you can show your work

  • learn from presentations on a range of topics

  • share your knowledge

  • enter monthly competitions

  • participate in small group photo outings and workshops

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Widely known

Our name, The Manhattan Miniature Camera Club, reflects our history as one of the oldest clubs in New York, founded in 1933, when "miniature," or 35mm photography was new and exciting. Though the word no longer applies to 35mm cameras, we proudly keep it as our official name because it highlights our history and is the name by which the Club is widely known.


Share our love of photography and improve our skills and artistry. 

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  • techniques

  • photo op sites

  • how to judge a picture

  • make better compositions

  • find your own vision

  • develop your expertise


People who love photography

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Winners Corner

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