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MMCC  Manhattan Miniature Camera Club board


The purpose of our Club, founded in 1933, is to share our love of photography and to improve our skills and artistry. 

Barbara Pearson


Our name, The Manhattan Miniature Camera Club, reflects our history as one of the oldest clubs in New York, founded in 1933, when "miniature," or 35mm photography was new and exciting. Though the word no longer applies to 35mm cameras, we proudly keep it as our official name because it highlights our history and is the name by which the Club is widely known.

MMCC members Manhattan Miniature Camera Club  photography



Our Club publishes a newsletter, In Focus, several times a year. It keeps members informed of current Club activities, provides news about members and competition scores, and includes information about upcoming photographic activities.

MMCC members Manhattan Miniature Camera Club  photography

Morris Rabinowitz


Our meetings are held in Zoom format from 6:30 - 8:30 PM twice a month from September through May, typically the first and third Monday. All meetings are videotaped and available to members.


  • Competition Night -- The first meeting of the month is a competition where members are invited to submit two “open” entries and two special theme entries. Records of scores are kept and cumulated during each season, and those with the highest scores are recognized at the Annual Awards Dinner in June.

  • Showcase -- Typically, one club member shares their current work at the end of  competition night.

  • Program Night -- The second meeting of the month is Program night which includes workshops on artistic or technical subjects, demonstrations of techniques like cropping or spot toning, or set-ups for members to shoot with their own cameras. We also offer informal critiques, travelogues, and presentations by members on topics of their choice.

  • Special Competitions -- In addition to the regular competitions, we have two special competitions, both conducted at the last regular club meeting.

  (a) Best of the Year competition -- each member may submit four images he/she entered in each category during the regular competitions of the year. The winners, the Best of the Best, receive awards during the Annual Awards Dinner in June.

  (b)Bob Jagendorf Creative Photography Awardmembers submit images that highlight their creative side.


Carol Ivanick


Janet Bachant

Wendy MMCC members Manhattan Miniature Camera Club  photography

Wendy Sherman


Our Members are organized into two groups: 

  • A Basic Group for new members and less skilled photographers

  • A Salon Group for members who have demonstrated a higher level of photography skills

MMCC members Manhattan Miniature Camera Club  photography


Dues are $95 per year. For those joining the club mid-season, dues will be pro-rated. Dues are $20 for the remainder of this year.


We hold two dinners each year: A Holiday Dinner in mid-December or January and an Annual Awards Dinner in June. Members cherish these opportunities to socialize with each other and develop further connections. Friends and family members are invited to both dinners. 

Isabelle Szoboszlai

MMCC members Manhattan Miniature Camera Club  photography


Our Club is run solely by its members. We depend on everyone to pitch in, whether on an ad hoc basis when something needs to be done or by serving on one of our committees.

Participation makes a difference and offers opportunities for us to get to know each other. Read about the various committees and think about where you might contribute.  Without the work of our committees, there would be no Club.


We hope you will join and participate fully, attending both competition and program night meetings each month and becoming active on a committee or two. MMCC is committed to creating an experience that enriches its members involvement in photography.

Dan Zhang


The Club is governed by a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, as well as a Board of Directors. Elections are held annually; each serves a two-year term. The full Board (Officers and Directors) meets four times a year to conduct Club business and make policy decisions.

MMCC members Manhattan Miniature Camera Club  photography

Georges Millet

Meet The Team

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Georges Millet


Janet Hearshot.jpg

Janet Bachant

Vice President


Patricia Holohan


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Help wanted



Joel Golumbek

Board of Directors

Program Committee


Carol Ivanick

Board of Directors

Program Committee

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Sharon Moir

Newsletter Editor

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Dan Zhang

Board of Directors

Web Master

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