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In Focus  January 31, 2024

It has been an exciting year for MMCC! If you are reading this, you are using what we have been working on for more than a year:  our new website! Here people can join MMCC, pay dues online, catch up with what we have been doing and be able to see our work and upcoming events. This development has been part of our plan to reach out to the larger community to increase our membership and build our online presence.  We are indebted to our President, Georges Millet, who has developed our Facebook following to over 2000 people, giving us a targeted audience to connect to our website.  


The website also has a password protected Members Only section which provides members with access to notes and handouts on workshops and programs that they can use to improve their photography skills, as well as reviewing rules for competitions, moving between groups, and access to other club related information. We plan to continue to develop the website as we go forward, (adding links to member’s websites, for example), so we welcome your suggestions and ideas for continued development of this resource.


Developing the website has involved the collaborative effort of all of us, but we are especially indebted to the hard work of Dan Zhang and Janet Bachant who spearheaded this enterprise through considerable obstacles. Dan has agreed to be our Webmaster, (even though he is returning to China in the Spring!) so we know we are in very good hands. Janet has agreed to take on the role of Vice President of the Board.  We are grateful to both for their commitment to the club.


We are looking forward to our annual midwinter meeting at Carol Ivanick’s home on February 12th, This has always been a much-anticipated opportunity for us to celebrate, get to know each other better and to develop that real life connection we have been missing since the pandemic.  


Do check out the upcoming events page and/or the calendar for the presentations and competitions that we are all looking forward to.  


Sharon Moir, Editor


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